Antonio Vivaldi


  • Atenaide _

    Atenaide was recorded in April 2007 at the Teatro della Pergola, Florence, Italy. This backstage video of the recording includes interviews with director Federico Maria Sardelli, Sandrine Piau, Paul Agnew and Nathalie Stutzman as well as performances by these artists and by Romina Basso and Vivica Genaux.

    Cast: Sandrine Piau, Vivica Genaux, Guillemette Laurens, Romina Basso, Nathalie Stutzmann, Paul Agnew, Stefano Ferrari

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  • Griselda _

    A backstage video of the recording of the opera Griselda in Brest, France in 2005 with Jean-Christophe Spinosi and Ensemble Matheus.

    Cast: Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Veronica Cangemi, Simone Kermes, Philippe Jaroussky, Stefano Ferrari, Iestyn Davies

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  • La Fida Ninfa _

    The opera La Fida Ninfa was recorded in the spring of 2008 at the Eglise Notre-Dame du Liban in Paris, France. This backstage video includes a number of arias and interviews.

    Cast: Sandrine Piau, Veronica Cangemi, Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Lorenzo Regazzo, Philippe Jaroussky, Topi Lehtipuu, Sara Mingardo, Christian Senn


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  • Podcasts _

    Taken from several hours of interviews which Susan Orlando made for the classical station WFMT in Chicago in 2008, these podcasts serve as introductions to different facets of Vivaldi’s music.

    Vivaldi operas See video
    Vocal composer See video
    Atenaide See video
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    juditha triumphans See video
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  • Azzolini _

    A short interview with Sergio Azzolini  during his November 2009 recording session and a sneak preview of a bit of the music recorded.

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  • Photos of Ottone in Villa recording session _

    Francesco Colletti  one of il Giardino's violinists, is also a fine photographer who took a number of photos during the breaks. He has kindly allowed us to publish a selection of his photos of the recording session which took place in Valladolid, Spain between May 24 and June 2, 2010. They can be seen at:


  • Gloria _

    A film by Philippe Béziat
    Orchestra and chorus: Concerto Italiano
    Orchestra chief: Rinaldo Alessandrini
    With Sara Mingardo

    Gloria See video


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