Antonio Vivaldi


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    In the late 1990s Italian musicologist Alberto Basso conceived the extraordinary project of recording the Vivaldi manuscripts in Turin in their entirety, thereby producing an aural collection of Vivaldi’s autograph library. He approached the French record company Opus 111 (now Naïve) who received the idea enthusiastically. Thus began the Vivaldi Edition, driven by these two groups and partially funded by the Regione Piemonte, the Fondazione CRT (Cassa di Risparmio di Torino) and the Compagnia di San Paolo. Since its inception in 2000 the Vivaldi Edition has released 50 CDs including 14 operas. It will continue to produce several CDs a year until the project’s completion.

    The recording project coincides with the resurgence of interest in vocal music and Baroque opera in particular and highlights Vivaldi’s exquisite writing for the voice, an aspect of this composer which had gone largly unknown. The Editions consistent release of the operas, sacred music and concertos is making a notable contribution to understanding and promoting this composer and performances of Vivaldi's music are becoming ever more frequent on major stages worldwide. 

    The project has attracted major figures in the Baroque music world and outstanding soloists. Among the distinguished directors and ensembles are Rinaldo Alessandrini and Concerto Italiano, Jean-Christophe Spinosi and L’Ensemble Matheus, Giovanni Antonini and Il Giardino Armonico, Federico-Maria Sardelli with Modo Antiquo and Ottavio Dantone with his group Accademia Bizantina and Alessandro de Marchi with the Academia Montis Regalis. The list of fine instrumentalists includes the extraordinary bassoonist, Sergio Azzolini, violoncellist Christophe Coin, baroque oboist Alfredo Bernardini, baroque flutist Bart Kuijken, lutenist Rolf Liselevand and many others. Vivaldi's music is a fine showcase for singers with agile voices and virtuostic capabilities. Among the renown soloists who have recorded with the Vivaldi Edition are Magdalena Kozena, Sara Mingardo, Sandrine Piau, Mare-Nicole Lemieux, Sonia Prina, Philippe Jaroussky (who excels in castrati roles), Lorenzo Regazzo, Romina Basso, Topi Lehtipuu and many others.


  • The Artists _

    The Vivaldi Edition has the privilege of working with some of the finest musicians in the field of Baroque music today. Among the many artists working regularly with the Edition are:

    Rinaldo Alessandrini - Concerto Italiano See photo Website
    Jean-Christophe Spinosi – Ensemble Matheus See photo Website
    Giovanni Antonini – Il Giardino Armonico See photo Website
    Jordi Savall – Concert des Nations See photo Website
    Ottavio Dantone – Accademia Bizantina See photo Website
    Federico-Maria Sardelli – Modo Antiquo See photo Website
    Diego Fasolis – I Barocchisti See photo
    Alessander di Marchi See photo
    Alfredo Bernardini - Zefiro See photo Website
    Christophe Coin – cello See photo Website
    Rolf Lislevand – lute See photo Website
    Sandrine Piau See photo Website
    Marie-Nicole Lemieux See photo Website
    Sara Mingardo See photo Website
    Sonia Prina See photo Website
    Nathalie Stutzman See photo Website
    Lorenzo Regazzo See photo Website
    Philippe Jaroussky See photo Website
    Sergio Azzolini See photo
    ROMINA BASSO See photo
    Topi Lehtipuu See photo Website


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    Armida al campo d'Egitto Rinaldo Alessandrini, Concerto Italiano Sara Mingardo, Monica Bacelli, Raffa... OP 30492
    Arie per tenore Topi Lehtipuu, I Barocchisti, Diego Fasolis OP 30504
    Concerti per fagotto I Sergio Azzolini, L’Aura Soave Cremona OP 30496
    Ottone in villa Julia Lezhneva, Il Giardino Armonico, Giovanni Antonini OP 30493
    Concerti per fagotto II Sergio Azzolini, L'Aura Soave OP 30518
    Teuzzone Teuzzone Jordi Savall, Le Concert des Nations, Raffaella Milanesi, Paolo Lop... OP 30513
    Estravagante Maurizio Salerno, Stefano Montanari, Stefano Rossi, Francesco Galligioni OP 30535
    Orlando 1714 Federico Maria Sardelli, Modo Antiquo Romina Basso, Teodora Gheorghiu, Gaell... OP 30540 K
    Concerti per violino IV Imperatore Minasi test OP 30533
    New discoveries II Federico Maria Sardelli, Modo Antiquo, Ann Hallenberg, Anton Steck, Alexis Ko... OP902105
    Concerti per violino V Concerti per violino V
    Farnace Furio Zanasi, Sara Mingardo, Adriana Fernández, Gloria Banditelli, Cinzia Fo... OP 30471
    La fida ninfa Ensemble Matheus, Jean-Christophe Spinosi, Sandrine Piau, Veronica Cangemi, ... OP 30410
    Atenaide Modo Antiquo, Federico Maria Sardelli, Sandrine Piau, Vivica Genaux, Guilleme... OP 30438
    Griselda Ensemble Matheus, Jean-Christophe Spinosi Lemieux, Cangemi, Kermes, Jaroussk... OP 30419
    Tito Manlio Accademia Bizantina, Ottavio Dantone, Nicola Ulivieri, Karina Gauvin, Debor... OP 30413
    Orlando furioso Ensemble Matheus, Jean-Christophe Spinosi, Lemieux, Larmore, Cangemi, Jarou... OP 30393
    Orlando finto pazzo Abete, Bertagnolli, Comparato, Prina, Custer, Oro, Pizzolato, Academia Monti... OP 30392
    La verit in cimento Ensemble Matheus, Jean-Christophe Spinosi, Nathalie Stutzmann, Gemma Bertagn... OP 30365
    L'Olimpiade Concerto Italiano, Rinaldo Alessandrini Marianna Kulikova, Laura Giordano, R... OP 30316
    Juditha Triumphans Magdalena Kozena, Academia Montis Regalis, Alessandro de Marchi OP 30314
    La Senna Festeggiante Concerto Italiano, Rinaldo Alessandrini, Juanita Lascarro, Sonia Prina, Nicol... OP 30339
    Arie d'Opera Modo Antiquo, Federico Maria Sardelli, Sandrine Piau, Ann Hallenberg, Paul Ag... OP 30411
    Arie Per Basso Lorenzo Regazzo, Concerto Italiano, Rinaldo Alessandrini OP 30415
    Arie ritrovate Sonia Prina, Accademia Bizantina, Ottavio Dantone OP 30443
    Stabat Mater Sara Mingardo, Concerto Italiano, Rinaldo Alessandrini OP 30367
    Gloria Sara Mingardo, Concerto Italiano, Rinaldo Alessandrini OP 30485
    In furore, Laudate pueri e concerti sacri Sandrine Piau, Accademia Bizantina, Ottavio Dantone OP 30416
    Vespri per l'Assunzione di Maria Vergine Bertagnolli, Invernizzi, Mingardo, De Secondi, Concerto Italiano, Rinaldo Ale... OP 30383
    Mottetti Laura Polverelli, Anke Herrmann, Academia Montis Regalis, Alessandro De Marchi OP 30340
    Concerti per archi Concerto Italiano, Rinaldo Alessandrini OP 30377
    I Concerti di Dresda Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, Gottfried Von Der Goltz OP 30283
    Concerti per violino I 'La caccia' Academia Montis Regalis, Enrico Onofri OP 30417
    Concerti per violino II Anton Steck, Modo Antiquo, Federico Maria Sardelli OP 30427
    Concerti per violino III 'Il ballo' Duilio M. Galfetti, I Barocchisti, Diego Fasolis OP 30474
    Concerti per violoncello Christophe Coin, Il Giardino Armonico, Giovanni Antonini OP 30426
    Concerti per violoncello II Christophe Coin, Il Giardino Armonico, Giovanni Antonini OP 30457
    Musica Per Mandolino E Liuto Rolf Lislevand OP 30429
    Concerti per oboe Alfredo Bernardini, Zefiro op 30478
    Concerti per vari strumenti Zefiro, Alfredo Bernardini OP 30409
    Concerti per fagotto e oboe Sergio Azzolini, Hans Peter Westermann, Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca, Giorg... OP 30379
    Concerti per flauto traversiere Barthold Kuijken (flauto traversiere e direttore) Academia Montis Regalis OP 30298
    Concerti e cantate da camera Laura Polverelli, L'Astrée OP 30358
    Concerti da camera L'Astrée OP 30394
    Concerti e cantate da camera III Laura Polverelli, l'Astrée, Giorgo Tabacco OP 30381
    Sonate da camera L'astrée, Giorgio Tabacco OP 30252
    New Discoveries Modo Antiquo, Federico Maria Sardelli OP 30480


  • Press Reviews _

    What the international critics have to say about the Vivaldi Edition:

    Only in the 21st century have Vivaldi’s operatic credentials at last begun to receive their just recognition. The record label Naive deserves much of the credit...
    BBC Music Magazine (UK)

    “La serie di Vivaldi di Naïve è  tra le più notevoli iniziative nella storia delle registrazioni musicali.”
    Diapason (France) 2008

    « […] With outstanding scholarship in the accompanying notes, recorded sound of exceptional quality, authoritative and beautifully prepared performances and eye-catching covers, I can think of no other extended project that has achieved such near-perfection in all areas. […] »
    International record review May 2005

    “…the Vivaldi recording project is the most promising on the music scene today and each new release confirms the logic and seriousness of such a demanding project.
    Classic Voice (Italy)

    "Le projet le plus enthousiasmant sur le marché du disque..."

    Deutschlandradio Kultu

    Reviews of recent cds:


    This performance is sublime...Go out and buy’s a feast for the ears.  U.S.A.

    Coin’s passage work leaves one breathless.
    International Record Review

    Coin’s playing is a miracle of beauty and expressiveness.
    Classic FM Magazine (London)


    Among the high praise that has been given to Rinaldo Alessandrini’s 2009 recording of the two Glorias the following, from BBC Online, is of special note:

    “This is Vivaldi as it should be"
    BBC Online, 2009

    New York Times, 23 August, 2009

    See photo

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
    March, 2009

    See photo


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